One of the critiques I hear most often from Christians who have some understanding of Pagan ideas is this: that one should worship the Creator, not the Creation.

About a week ago, ruminating on this, I wrote the following:

The Creator and the Creation are one in the same.

You who do not understand, it avails you not to lecture us on our faith.

From a single point of light came all things,

Every star, every being, and all matter and energy.

In time, it became aware of itself, and became the Lord and Lady;

And the human seed gave them names and faces, spoke to them,

Became their eyes and ears as the mysteries of their being

Unfolded before them.

Thus it shall continue:

All life, all matter, all energy, shall be reborn,

Shall take on every possible form,

And learn through its changes

Until They have learned everything there is to know.

Then all shall be complete, and all shall be as one again;

And all things that were, are, and shall be will be joined once more

Into a single, radiant point of light.