If you’ve ever talked to a devout Christian- especially those of the Evangelical type so common in the US- you’ve probably come across sternly-worded and dire warnings that witchcraft was “of Satan” and that you must repent.

Now, besides being condescending, ill-informed, and generally narrow-minded about the Craft, there is one more problem with this.  Can you guess what it is?

Oh, yes.  The fact that there is no scriptural basis for the existence of Satan as a fallen angel who rebels against God by ensnaring human souls.

I know those of you who grew up in Christian households are shaking your heads.  That was drilled into your head all the time, the compelling story about how Lucifer, a bright and powerful angel, led a revolt against God and was cast out of heaven.

Except it’s not in the Bible.  Lucifer is only mentioned once, and only obliquely; in fact the reference is more descriptive of Nebuchadnezzar (whose title was “The Morning Star”) than with any fallen angels on record.

If you want more info that will help you confuse fundies to no end on the subject of Satan, Heaven, Hell, and a few other things, there’s a YouTube channel started by a Christadelphian (a member of a Christian sect that does not believe in Hell or Satan) who makes some really in-depth points on the matter.  His screen name is SGOGBook.  I’ve linked to one video, but he has several more on his channel if you really want to tangle with some hardcore apologists:


So there you have it, and from a Christian no less.  Even in the Christian Bible, there’s no evidence for Satan.  And now you know where to start in arguing that point, much to the chagrin of many a self-righteous blowhard.